It takes a village. We’re grateful to our many friends and partners for their collaboration.

Stanford Psychiatry’s Center for Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing, in partnership with the County of Santa Clara Behavioral Health Services, IDEO.org, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Sand Hill Foundation, the California Health Care Foundation, the McKenzie Foundation, the California MHSOAC, Peninsula Health Care District and many other partners, has led the journey to bring allcove to life in the first centers in the United States. Inspired and supported by our partners and friends at Headspace in Australia, Foundry and Frayme in Canada, and other international collaborators, the Stanford team is excited to support youth and families, schools, communities, counties, and other partners to bring allcove centers to life in California, and beyond.

The flagship allcove center is expected to open in San Jose by 2020, with additional centers planned in northern Santa Clara County and San Mateo County. These spaces will house a range of services, and will offer young people in the community a place to come to take a pause, and access services when they need them.